Production Phases  

Orders are processed in graphics - design unit in an electronic format and designed according to technical data and esthetics. When preliminary sketch is prepared, we ask for you opinion and upon your approval films and printing models are prepared.


Printing unit is important in terms of colors and quality of the work performed. To this end, Güzelis Offset Printing Company always expands its machinery park and closely follows technologic developments to ensure the highest level of quality.

In the bookbindery unit, printed paper
is processed by various machinery;
papers turn into books, brochures,
envelopes, cardboards turn into boxes,
files, etc. Namely, this is the unit where
production phase is completed and final
touches are made.


Now that paper and the material have
completed their production adventure,
they become end-products. In this
phase, they are packed and delivered
in the most convenient way to the


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